The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be


“Show, don’t tell.” Cal Killeen, managing editor of The Princeton Packet, passes on this essential piece of advice to our cub reporters

During our two week workshop this summer, we studied journalism and explored multiple aspects of communication–from cave paintings and smoke signals to Twitter, social networking, and blogs. We’ve written and edited a newspaper, set up a blog, recorded podcasts, uploaded videos, made animations, and even visited The Princeton Packet to seek managing editor Cal Killeen’s views about the future of communication.

Through all this, one thing has become very clear: Today’s digital technology is amazingly rich and exciting. It is truly revolutionizing the way that we consume and produce information.

All technologies have both good and bad uses. However, this should not make us Luddites (people who are opposed to technological innovation). History is full of examples of unfounded fears of new technology. Once, people were convinced that the printing press would lead to information overload, and that mobile phones would cause cancer, make planes crash, and gas stations explode.

Instead, we should embrace and explore the new and exciting opportunities that technology offers us, while of course not forgetting to look at the possible downsides. And before we rush out to buy the latest gadget, we might also remind ourselves of Bill Gates’ observation that ‘Content is King’.


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